B-6. Son-Kul lake.
Itinerary: Bishkek - Kochkor - Son-Kul - Bishkek.
Duration: 8 days
Best season: July - August
Accommodation: hotels, tents, yurts
Tour grade: moderate
Max. altitude: 3243 m
Total distance: 700 km
Itinerary map

Kyrgyzstan is a small mountainous country in the center of the Asian continent, 93% of the territory is covered with high mountains. Almost all its territory was populated and founded since ancient times. Kyrgyz people have kept their old traditions and customs till now and live in the harmony with nature. It is especially displayed in Naryn region, the inner Tien-Shan which is considered to be the heart of Kyrgyzstan.
Every summer Kyrgyz people take their cattle to the pastures situated in the mountains, called Jailoo. The nomad life of the Kyrgyz people showed that traditional home- yurta is the most convenient house-it warms of the cold and hides of the heat, and it will not make any problems in setting it up and it is convenient to carry. You will have a chance to live in it, hide from the bad weather, feel all the beauty of the nomad life.
You will not only see but feel the beauty of this poetry, spending several days in Jailoo mountains. Local people will sharer their mastership of making bread in the open air in a special stove, consisting of two frying pans or one pot.
You will find many spices of mountain plants and animals which are considered to be disappearing and need people’s protection. The nature here is perfect in all its completeness and variety.

Day 1
Arrival to Bishkek.
Accommodation in a hotel or guest house.
Tour around Bishkek city or Ala-Archa gorge.
Day 2
Bishkek - Kochkor.
Travel to Kochkor town.
Picnic on the way.
Visit workshop for production of traditional felt carpets.
Stay overnight in a guest house.
Kochkor, Manufacturing shirdaks.
Day 3-6
Kochkor - Son-Kul.
Travel to Jailoo (summer pasture) near Son-Kul lake (3018 m above the sea level). Accommodation in a yurt. You will not only watch the life of the nomad people during your stay, but will feel like a real nomad yourself. You will try the dishes of the national Kyrgyz kitchen: beshbarmak ("5 fingers”), shorpo, kuurdak, chobogo, traditional bread of the nomads - boorsok and mare’s milk.
You can also take part in making bread, watch milking a mare, become a witness of the ritual of sacrificing an animal and try to prepare kumis (Kyrgyz beer). We can organise a one day horse riding or walking tours to beautiful and exotic places according to your wish. You can explore the mounds - the ancient tombs, stone circles - Tash-Tulga.
Day 7
Son-Kul - Bishkek.
Return to Bishkek city.
Explore the waterfall. Kekzherty - Valley of the Dead.
Tar-Suu tract - panorama of the mountains.
Accommodation in a hotel or a guest house.
Day 8
Departure home.

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