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Ece Naryn

Ece Naryn. Thirty kilometers to the East of Naryn is Ece-Naryn («Two Naryns» - it is where two Naryn rivers meet) Here there is a pine covered valley and wildlife park. There is a National Park for the protection of wildlife - mountain goats, rams, deer, wild boar, bear and snow leopards, and two Botanical reserves. Archaeologists have unearthed remains of ancient settlements nearby. From Ece-Naryn (in a good vehicle) you can follow the valley of the Little Naryn River to Lake Issyk-Kul or back to Sary-Bulak and the main Bishkek Road. Top

Edelweiss, flower. Perennial type. Edelweiss or leontopodium (Leontopdium in Latin) - genus of dicotyledonous herbaceous plants of Asteraceae family, or Composite (Compositae), common in the mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. Leontopodium is the scientific name of the flower, which means "lion's paw". The very name "Edelweiss" is derived from the German language from the two words "noble" and "white." The rhizome is short-branching, where it forms a fairly dense sepals from multiple stems and barren rosettes of leaves, and sometimes produces long, up to 10 cm grassy, often branching stolons. The stems are 5-15 cm, rarely up to 25 cm tall, straight, and strong, ash-arachnoid woolly or felt, sometimes balding in the lower part. The baskets are 5-7 mm in diameter, including 5-7 (12) mm dense, crowded. It flowers in May and July. It fruits in June and September. There are more than forty species of this plant in nature. The Edelweiss flowers are common in the highlands of Kyrgyzstan (1800-3000 meters), especially in the central Tien-Shan and ridges surrounding the basin of Issyk-Kul lake. They just do not grow in the mountains of Western Tien-Shan. In glacial cirques and moraines, edelweiss flowers are quite short. The baskets are tight.  A typical flower is a concentric arrangement of these parts attached at their base to the receptacle, the tip of the stem. Outermost is a whorl of leaf-like green sepals (the calyx) encircling a whorl of usually showy, coloured petals (the corolla). Within the corolla is the stamens, bearing sacs full of pollen that surround the central carpels (ovary). Only experienced botanists can distinguish these species from one another. Edelweiss - a symbol of alpine flowers, and many clubs' climbers took edelweiss as their emblem. It is considered a symbol of strength and courage. The image of edelweiss has embodied all the romance of mountain climbing. Edelweiss is a "national flower" of Switzerland. France called the Alpine edelweiss star for being the rock on which it grows, seems full of stars, and in Italy - silver flower.  Top

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