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Golubinyi Waterfall
Great Silk Road

Gandakush, pass (4270m). Gandakush pass is located in the spur of the Alai Mountains, connecting the river valleys of Gandakush and Ulitor. There is a good mountain road to the pass and back. From Kurban-Kul lake up the valley of Kok-Su river runs a nature trail. A trip of Gandakush pass, from Kurban-Kul lake to the river valley of Ulitor can be planned for 7-8 hours. Top

Golubinyi (Dove watering hole), waterfall. This waterfall is located in Chon-Kurchak 30 km south of Bishkek city. The Golubinyi waterfall is unusual and beautiful in both summer and winter. Water falls in a narrow cleft along the cliffs from a height of 46 meters.    Top

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