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Lenin, peak
Lukovaya Polyana

Lenin (Kuh-i-Gamo) peak (7134.3 m). Since 2006, on the territory of Tajikistan - peak of Abu Ali Ibn Sin. One of the "seven-thousander's" - the highest peak of the former USSR. It is one of the highest peaks of Central Asia, located in the Pamir mountain system. For the first time, the top was discovered and described in 1871, by an outstanding Russian geographer and explorer, A P Fedchenko, who named it in honour of Kaufman, a Russian governor-general. In 1928, the peak was renamed to the Lenin peak, and now has the name of Kuh-i-Gamo (Warm Mountain). Lenin Peak is situated in the middle of Zaalayskiy range on Kyrgyz-Tajik border, and is considered to be its main peak. In the west, the vertex is connected through Razdelnaya peak (6148 m) with Dzerzhinsky peak (6713 m); on the east, through Krylenko pass (5820 m) and Spartak peak (6183 m) - with the crest of Unity peak (6673 m). In the south, in the spur of the array of Lenin Peak is the peak of Marshal Zhukov (6852 m). From the north to the array of Lenin Peak, near Spartacus peak, Ledyanoi (Icy) ridge is connected to it with the top of the main peak of XIX century Congress of the CPSU (5920 m). At the moment, there are more than 16 climbing routes to the top. Nine on the southern slope, and seven on the northern, but the classic route is reckoned to be on the northern side through Razdelnaya peak. The classic route does not require any special technical preparations and a huge mountain-climbing experience. Because of this, Lenin Peak is considered the most affordable seventhousander. This is one of the most famous and most visited seventhousanders of Pamir. Top

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