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Western Karakol
Western Kokshaal-Too

Western Karakol, river. It flows through the gorge along the southern edge of Kyrgyz ridge and descends into the valley of Suusamyr; it merges with the river Suusamyr forming a river - Kekemeren. Top

Western Kokshaal-Too. This area is located exactly south of the Issyk-Kul lake on the border with China. The heights reach up to 5982 meters (Danckov peak), 17 peaks rise above 5000 meters and 60 peaks are around 4000-5000 meters. Most of these peaks, among which 11 are above 5000 meters are virgin. Some heights exceed 1800 meters from foot to their peaks, and the height of their walls reach 1200 meters. Available routes here are rock, combined or snow and ice. The rocks are composed of diverse types, dominated by strong pink and gray granitoids, limestones, conglomerates and represent excellent objects for climbing. The climate is very severe, even in summer the temperature here rarely exceed 0°C. The most stable weather is in July and September. The average July temperature is around +4°C, August is around +6°C, and September is around +2°C. Annual precipitation is 420 mm/year. This area is remote and rarely visited. Approaches are short, from the road to routes is 1-3 hours on foot. It is only possible to get here by 4x4 vehicle. To get to eastern part of the area can be done by road that runs from the southern shore of the Issyk-Kul lake through Barskaun and Karasai, approximately 180 km. To get to western part of the area can be done by road also via Naryn city, Akmuz village to the valley of Myudryum. Top

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