HR-4. Kegety - Son-Kul
Itinerary: Bishkek - Burana - Kegety - Son-Kul - Issyk-Kul - Kok-Moinok - Bishkek.
Duration: 14 days
Best season: May-September
Accommodation: hotels, tents, yurts
Tour grade: moderate
Max. altitude: 3700 m
Total distance: 550 km by car

Day 1
Arrival in Bishkek, accommodation in a hotel or a guest house. Sightseeing tour around Bishkek.
Day 2
Bishkek - Kegety.
Transfer to Kegety gorge. On the way you will visit ruins of the ancient town Balasagun. In the past Balasagun city was a place of unique mixture several religions such as Buddism, Orthodox and Islam. It was discovered in the middle of the 10 century in the area of an old settlement Burana tower which was built in the 11' century, its original height was 45 m. Arriving in the gorge. Horse riding (4 hours). Overnight in tents.
Kegety gorge
Day 3-9
Kegety - Son-Kul.
Horse riding tour from Kegety gorge to Son-Kul lake. During 6 days we will have a horse ride through the forests, high alpine pasture surrounded by glacier through green valleys carpeted with the wild flowers. The Kyrgyz Ala-Too range, where we will walk, has peaks about 5000 meters above see level. There are small farming communities in some of the valleys and high mountain pastures (jailoo) on the top. Towards the end of tour the beautiful view to lake Son-Kul (3016 m).is open. Overnight stay in the tents.
Kegety gorge
Day 10
Sightseeing tour of the area.
Horse riding tour around Son-Kul lake.
Overnight stay in the yurts.
Son-Kul lake
Day 11
Recreation at the bank of the lake.
Overnight stay in the yurts.
Son-Kul lake
Day 12
Son-Kul - Issyk-Kul.
Transfer to Issyk-Kul lake (1606 m).
Rest, bathing.
Overnight stay in tents or in the resort.
Issyk-Kul lake
Day 13
Issyk-Kul - Kok-Moinok.
Transfer to Kok-Moinok canyons. Observation of Eol castles. Overnight stay in the tents.
Kok-Moinok canyon
Day 14
Kok-Moinok - Bishkek.
Coming back to Bishkek city. Accommodating at the guest house or hotel.
Day 15
Transfer to the airport “Manas”. Coming back home.

Level of difficulty.
This tour is meant for people with an average preparation and experience in horse riding, because sometimes 5-6 rides are possible during a day.
You must take warm clothes , hiking boots, raincoat, sunprotective cream, a hat from the sun, sleeping suck.
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