HR-12. Tour to Ontomo - Sunset tour.
Itinerary: Arslanbob Kyzyl- Alma (1900) - Kara-At (2500) - Char-Archa (2800) Jailoo Tulga Tash (3000) Chakmack Tash (3200) - Ontomo alpine pasture - Kara At - Arslanbob
Duration: 2 days
Best season: June October
Accommodation: tents
Tour grade: moderate
Max. altitude: 3200 m
Total distance: 44 km on horseback

Great panoramic view. Each jayloo opens its beauty when you get up the hill. You can see night Arslanbob and great sunrise with a great view of Fergana valley.

Day 1
Trekking or horse back riding moving west side towards Kyzyl-alma fields, Jayloo Kara-at, you can see the seasonal nomadic life in Jayloos.
Lunch, resting after trekking or horse back riding up the pass of Char-Archa (2800), alpine pasture Tulga-tash, up to Chakmak-tash where you can see lot of yaks, great view of Fergana valley, camping in the Chakmak-tash, dinner, sunset time and overnight stay in tent.
(8 hours, 22-km)
Day 2
breakfast at 8.00. Trekking or horse back riding down to village Arslanbob towards Shepherds way & Lousion peak (3000m) great view of walnut forest & agricultural fields, you can see nomadic life. Lunch & rest in Kumush bulak valley.
Towards agricultural fields & walnut forest you will come back to Arslanbob village.
(8 hours, 22 km).


Level of difficulty. You must have the skills of horse riding as you have to ride a horse for 5-7 hours every day.
Conditions. You must take warm clothes, special walking boots, and jackets from rain, sun protective cream, a sun protective hat and a sleeping suck.
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