The climate of Kyrgyzstan is extremely diverse. In some regions it is sharply continental, in others it is close to marine. This is attributed to the existence of large lake Issyk-Kul and mountainous landscape. The largest part of Kyrgyzstan has a temperate climate, while in the South it is sub-tropical. Annual and daily temperatures are smoothed. There are signs of droughty. The seasons are clearly expressed. The length of a day in December 9 hours and in June 15 hours. Precipitation falls down more in mountains and temperatures there are lower than in valleys.
The non-frozen lake Issyk-Kul makes the temperatures milder in a vicinity of the lake. In winter it is 3-5 C warmer than in other areas, while in summer there is no sweltered heat there. In January an average temperature ranges between -4 C and -9 C while in July it is from + 20 C up to +27 C in low mountainous regions and the Issyk-Kul.
Absolute low temperatures of air drop in winter down -50 C on the Ak-Sai. Absolute high temperatures of air reach +43 C - +44 C in Chu Valley and in the South of Kyrgyzstan.
An average wind velocity is small, 1-3m/sec; however the mountain landscape and availability of a large area of water of the Issyk-Kul cause numerous winds. Frequently alongside with alteration of day and night the wind direction also changes. Intrusion of cold air into the Issyk-Kul hollow is accompanied with a stormy wind the velocity of which sometimes mounted to 40km/h.
In the valley areas of Kyrgyzstan a total amount of precipitation makes up 230-500 mm. In the mountainous areas it can reach 1500 mm. In warm seasons precipitation falls more than in cold ones. The most cloudy sky can be observed in the end of winter and in the beginning of spring.
A thunder storm is a frequent phenomenon. The largest number of thunder storms fall in June and July.
The summer in Kyrgyzstan is the most ideal season for active holidays on the Nature. In addition to that 300 days in a year are sunny. The summer temperature of the lake Issyk-Kul reaches up to 25-30 C. Many happy hours can you spend at the lake swimming, tanning, riding on a boat, reading books, or playing volley ball and other games.
When it gets too hot near the beach, the freshness of the mountains becomes the escape for children and adults alike, as the temperatures in the mountains do not fall lower then 15 C, and during the day it reaches 28 C.

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