The fauna of Kyrgyzstan comprises about 500 species of vertebrates and over 3000 species of insects. A variety of natural landscapes of Kyrgyzstan and inhabitation of its territory by European, Siberian, Central Asian, Front Asian, and South Asian species resulted in an extremely diverse fauna. Over the territory of Kyrgyzstan one can find inhabitants of deserts and forests, valleys and mountains, steppes and meadows.

There are 60 species of dragonflies, 86 species of daytime butterflies, 86 species of ants, 33 species of bees, and 250 species of cicadas in Kyrgyzstan.

In the Kyrgyz water reservoirs dwell 49 species of fish. In the Issyk-Kul lake there is such fish as chebachok, chebak, sazan, carp, trout, marinka, osman, bream, line, pike-perch, sig, and crucian. In various water reservoirs and rivers dwell sazan, crucian, barbel, pike, marinka and other species of fish. In the mountain rivers dwells trout.

There are 25 species of reptiles including tortoises, lizards, and snakes in Kyrgyzstan.

Birds are represented by 335 species. In different areas one can meet pheasant, gray heron, cherry bird, tridactyl woodpecker, eagle owl, silvered sea gull, redwing flamingo and other birds. On the unfrozen Issyk-Kul Lake hibernate hissing swans, crying swans, gray geese, pink and wavy pelicans. There are such rare birds as balaban, white stork, golden eagle, bearded vulture, bustard, demoiselle crane, snake eater, whitetail sea eagle, steppe eagle, black stork and others in Kyrgyzstan.

83 species of mammals dwell on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. One can encounter a mountain sheep (arhar), bear, and maral in spruce forests of the Tien-Shan, and in Ak-Sai, Arpa, and Suusamyr highly mountainous valleys. The mountain ridges and valleys are the places for dwelling of fox, wolf, badger, weasel, ermine, and stone marten. In Kyrgyzstan dwell snow leopard, wild boar, roe, Siberian goat, porcupine, hedgehog, hare, marmot, andatrum and others.
Kyrgyzstan protects such rare animals as dzheiran, red wolf, maral, snow leopard, Middle-Asian otter, Mensbir marmot, Tien-Shan brown bear, and Tien-Shan mountain sheep (arhar) and others.

Some animals of Kyrgyzstan are recorded in Red Book of International Nature Preserve Union. Those animals are snow leopard, Mensbir marmot, dzheiran, red wolf, and gray monitor lizard.

The Red Book of Kyrgyzstan — There are recognised to be some 92 endangered species of animals and 65 types of plants in Kyrgyzstan. Legal protection for them began with the first law on hunting, which was enacted in 1930, and in 1979 a decree was issued providing a list of protected species. To protect the wide variety of both flora and fauna, Kyrgyzstan has created a number of special preserves, parks and natural reserves.
Kyrgyzstan protects such rare animals as «dzheiran», red wolf, «maral», snow leopard (Bars), the Middle-Asian otter, the Mensbir marmot, Tien-Shan brown bear, Tien-Shan mountain sheep (arhar) and «Marco Polo» sheep — amongst others. Some of the animals found in Kyrgyzstan are recorded in «Red Book» of International Nature Preserve Union, such as the snow leopard, the «Mensbir» marmot, the «dzheiran», red wolf, and grey monitor lizard.

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