National flag, emblem and anthem of the Kyrgyz Republic

National flag of Kyrgyz Republic National emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic

National flag of Kyrgyz Republic
It was approved by the Supreme Council on 3 March 1992. The first flag of independent Kyrgyzstan was raised on 5 March, 1992 above the Government House. The authors of the main government symbol include Edil Aidarbekov, Bekbosun Zhaichybekov, Sabyr Iptarov, Zhusup Matayev, Mamatbek Sydykov. The national flag of Kyrgyzstan is a red flag, in the centre of which is a round disk of the sun with 40 rays of golden colour radiating evenly. Inside the solar disk, is tunduk of Kyrgyz yurt in red colour. The diameter of the radiant disk is three-fifths of the width of the flag. The diameter ratio of the radiant sun and sun rays is three to five. The diameter of tunduk is half the diameter of the radiant disk. The width of the flag is three-fifths of its length. The one colour red flag symbolises the valour and bravery. The golden sun, bathed in its rays, represents peace and wealth. Tunduk is a symbol of a father's house, in a broader sense and the world as a universe. Forty rays, united in a circle, mean a union of 40 ancient tribes into the united Kyrgyzstan.

National emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic
National emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan) was approved on 14 January 1994 by Jogorku Kenesh. Authors: Aseyin Abdraev - Director of Children's Art School of Naryn city and Sadyrbek Dubanaev - Head of Naryn region police. The government symbol of Kyrgyzstan -the emblem - reflects a white falcon spreading its wings, symbolising freedom of the country, the desire for better, generosity, vigilance and high thoughts of Kyrgyz citizens living in the country of mountains. Water surface of Kyrgyzstan's pearl is the Issyk-Kul lake - symbol of the nature's beauty, source of life and energy. Mountains peaks, lit by the sun, like the white cap of the Kyrgyz people. Cotton and wheat, surrounding the emblem, show the diversity of cultures in Kyrgyzstan and at the same time of their unity, uniting all their diversity into a single unit - the people of Kyrgyzstan.

National anthem of the Kyrgyz Republic
It was approved by Jogorku Kenesh 18 December, 1992.
Lyrics: Zh. Sadykova, Sh. Kulueva.
Music: N. Davlesova, K. Moldobasanova.
Translation from Kyrgyz: K. Akmatova, M. Rudova.

High mountains, valleys, fields -
Our dear, cherished land.
Our fathers lived among Ala-Too
Always protecting their motherland.

Lets go, Kyrgyz people,
To freedom!
Stand up people and flourish
Create your destiny!

Our people are always open for friendship
Unity and friendship they keep in their hearts.
The land of Kyrgyzstan, dear country
Illuminated by the rays of agreement.


Hopes and dreams of fathers came true.
The flag of freedom rises high.
The heritage of our fathers we will pass along,
For the good of people of our descendants.