Waterfalls in Kyrgyzstan

Arslanbob. Small waterfall
Arslanbob. Large waterfall
Barskoon. 1st waterfall
Barskoon. Bowl Manas
Barskoon. Tears leopard
Barskoon. Splashes of Champagne Waterfall
Jeti-Oguz - Maiden Braids
Issyk-Ata. 1st waterfall
Issyk-Ata. Cascade waterfall
Issyk-Ata. 3rd waterfall
Issyk-Ata. Right waterfall
Sokuluk (Belogorka)
Sokuluk (Belogorka). Small waterfall
Tuura Kaiyn. Shamshy.
Waterfall Chon-Kyzyl-Suu
Chunkurchak (Pigeon Watering)
Chunkurchak. Cascade waterfall
Sharkyratma. Ak-Sai
Sharkyratma. Kegety

Abshir-Sai waterfall Abshir-Sai waterfall Abshir-Sai. The waterfall is 12-15 m (1,700 m). Osh oblast, Nookat district, canyon Abshir-Sai . 80 km from the city of Osh, 3 km above the mouth of the canyon through which the river flows. Holes with a diameter of about two meters in the hundred-meter sheer wall of noise breaking mist shrouded in clouds and the water flow.
Life is a waterfall gives an underground river pierce soft karst rocks in the rocky wall. From the waterfall originates Milk River - Abshir-sai, which flows through the bottom of a narrow gorge of the same name.
River water is slightly mineralized ( calcium and magnesium ) and has healing properties. Here you can often see pilgrims who come to bathe in the healing waters and fill the bottle with water. Top

Ak-Sai. Ak-Sai. The waterfall is 25-30 m (2700 m). Chui, gorge Ak-Sai. Right tributary of Ala-Archa (2100 m). 42 km from Bishkek. Translated from Kyrgyz: ak - white, sai - river. Top

Alamedin. Alamedin. Chui, Alamedin gorge. The waterfall is 10-15 m (2,000 m). Is above the warm springs about 5 km. Widely recognized as a waterfall in a quiet river, opposite the confluence Salyk. Top

Arslanbob. Arslanbob. Little Falls - 23 m (1500 m). Jalal-Abad region, pos. Arslanbob (Arstanbap). Located on the outskirts of the village. Opposite the waterfall is a cave known as the "Cave of forty angels". Top

Arslanbob. Arslanbob. Big Falls - 80 m (2000 m). Jalal-Abad region, pos. Arslanbob (Arstanbap). The waterfall is located above Arslanbob about 8 km. Top

Ashutor. Ashutor. Ashutor. Chui, gorge Ashutor (Suusamyr leads to the pass). Left offshoot Sokuluk gorge. The waterfall consists of numerous cascades 80 meters in height. Altitude 2600 m Top

Barskoon. Barskoon. 1st waterfall 18-20 m Issyk-Kul region, Barskoon gorge. 17 km along the gorge. From the road - 15 minute walk. Top

Barskoon. Barskoon. Barskoon. Waterfall Bowl Manasa - 15 m. Issyk-Kul region, Barskoon gorge. According to legend, was formed after the Manas scooped water from hand and remained in the rock bowl. From the road, a 20-25 minute walk. Top

Barskoon. Barskoon. Cascade of 3 falls - Tears leopard. Issyk-Kul region, Barskoon gorge. Distance to the waterfalls - 30-40 minutes. Top

Barskoon. Barskoon. Barskoon. Splashes of Champagne Waterfall. Issyk-Kul region, Barskoon gorge. Distance - 1.5 hours away. Top

Bash-Kaindy. Bash-Kaindy. Bash-Kaindy. Naryn region, gorge BashKaindy. The waterfall - 320 m. Altitude: 3220 m. noticed. It can be from the road before you reach the At-Bashi from a distance of 45 km. From the village of Bash-Kaindy to the waterfall - 20 km.
It is also called Shaar. In kyrgyzski Falls - Sharkyratma. Perhaps abbreviation of the word - Shar. Top

Birbulak Birbulak. Chui, gorge Birbulak. The waterfall - 10-12 m. Elevation: 2,030 m. From the sanatorium "Kyrgyzstan" to the falls of 7-8 km. Top

Jeti-Oguz - Maiden Braids Jeti-Oguz - Maiden Braids (2575 m). Issyk-Kul, Jeti-Oguz gorge.
The waterfall is located 15-20 m at a distance of 22 km from the road Balykchi - Karakol. Walk to the waterfall 40-50 minutes. Top

Juukuchak Juukuchak (2220 m). Issyk-Kul region, gorge Juukuchak. 15-17 m height of the waterfall is located 3 km from the hot source. Top

Issyk-Ata. 1st waterfall. Issyk-Ata. 1st waterfall. Chui, Issyk-Ata gorge. The waterfall is located above the resort on the left side, facing about 2 km at an altitude of 2100 m The height of 8 m. Waterfall consists of several stages. Available only lower. Top

Issyk-Ata. Waterfalls. Issyk-Ata. Waterfalls. Issyk-Ata. Waterfalls. Chui, Issyk-Ata gorge. Are higher than the first height from 3 to 40 m.
Next, half walk in tributaries in depth is still a waterfall. The approach to it is difficult or unavailable. Top

Issyk-Ata. Third waterfall. Issyk-Ata. Third waterfall. Chui, Issyk-Ata gorge. Is 1.5-2 hours walk in the lateral branch. The waterfall cascades about 30 m, with a cup in the middle. Water flow is weak, often dry. Top

Issyk-Ata. Right waterfall. Issyk-Ata. Right waterfall. Issyk-Ata. Right waterfall. Chui, Issyk-Ata gorge. Opposite the first waterfall on the right side of the gorge waterfalls. Lower cascade up to 15-20 m in three ledge. Above it has 2 small cascade. Top

Kashka-Suu. Kashka-Suu. Chui, Kashka-Suu gorge. 35 km from Bishkek. The waterfall is about 15 m (2400 m). Top

Kegety. Kegety. Kegety. Chui, Kegety gorge. The waterfall is about 30 m 85 km from Bishkek.
Altitude 2000 m. Top

Kok Moinok. Kok Moinok. Chui. Left tributary gorge Tuyuk Issykatiysky.
The waterfall is 10-15 meters. Altitude 2160 m. Top

Korgon Terek. Korgon-Terek. Chui, gorge Korgon-Terek. The gorge begins from the Red Bridge. The waterfall of 8-10 m 1660 m above sea level. The waterfall 1:00 walk. Top

Kyzyl-Bel. Kyzyl-Bel. Naryn region. The waterfall is located 13 km from Naryn on the road to Torugart. The waterfall is 10-12 m 2550 m above sea level. The waterfall 5 min. walk. Вверх

Sarala-Saz. Sarala-Saz (Yellowish swamp). Naryn region. 55 km northwest of Kochkor is jailoo Sarala-Saz. The waterfall is located 6 km from jailoo (1.5-2 hours of riding) among the rocks. Locals nicknamed waterfall "Find Me." Standing near him, hearing the roar, you can not see the falling water.Top

Sokuluk (Belogorka). Sokuluk (Belogorka). Chui, Sokuluk gorge. The waterfall is located 80 km southwest of Bishkek. Hike from the parking machine takes 1-1.5 hours.
The waterfall is about 60 m height above sea level to 2,200 m. Top

Sokuluk (Belogorka). Small waterfall. Sokuluk (Belogorka). Small waterfall. Chui, Sokuluk gorge. The waterfall is 1.5-2 hours away from the first waterfall. The waterfall is 7-8 m. Top

Son-Kul. Son-Kul. Naryn region. Located on the right side after the descent of the Son-Kul lake through pass Terskey-Torpok. The waterfall is about 30 m height above sea level is 2600 m. Top

Teke-Tor. Teke-Tor. Chui, Teke-Tor gorge. Right offshoot Ala-Archa gorge.
The waterfall is about 15 m height above sea level is 2600 m waterfall is located 1.5 hours from climbing camp "Ala-Archa". Top

Водопад Туура Кайын. Tuura Kaiyn. Водопад Туура Кайын. Tuura Kaiyn. Tuura Kaiyn. The gorge Shamshi. Chui area. Waterfalls cascade. One of about 100 m in height. Another 150 m. Top

Waterfall Chon-Kyzyl-Suu. Waterfall Chon-Kyzyl-Suu. Chon-Kyzyl-Suu. Issyk-Kul region, Chon-Kyzyl-Suu. One of the five waterfalls. The height of 80-90 m. Top

Chunkurchak (or Pigeon Watering). Chunkurchak (or Pigeon Watering). Chui, Chunkurchak gorge. The waterfall is about 40 m Altitude 1600 m. Top

Chunkurchak. Waterfalls. Chunkurchak. Waterfalls. Chunkurchak. Waterfalls. Chunkurchak. Waterfalls. Chui, Chunkurchak gorge. Top

Sharkyratma. Sharkyratma. Chui. Ala-Archa. Aksay. Is about a 40-minute walk from the climbing camp Ala-Archa towards Ak-Sai waterfall. Rapids and waterfalls cascade begins at 80-100 meters above the river crossing trail.
Completed a three-stage cascade waterfall: the lower ledge height of 8-9 meters, then the flat area, with an average height of 25-26 meters, and flat area, the upper height of 6-8 meters. 400 meters across at a quiet part of the gorge and the confluence of two rivers forming Sharkyratma, there are cascades. Top

Sharkyratma. Sharkyratma. Sharkyratma. Chui, the upper gorge Kegety. In 3-4 kilometers from the forest. Waterfalls up to 70 m, 10-15 m Elevation 2800 m. Top

Shuruly. Shuruly. Jalalabad. Left tributary of the It-Agar, a tributary of the Chichkan. The waterfall is about 20-30 meters. Height at the foot of the falls in 2660 meters above sea level. Since July can dry. You can drive up to the tent camp local shepherds and from 2 hours walk away. Top

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