Ak-Suu, balneal climate resort

It is located on the north slope of Terskey Ala-Too chain, in a narrow gorge, in Ak-Suu river valley, at an altitude 1950 m above sea level, in a distance of 16 km from Karakol town. It works all year.

The curative spring water wells have been known since the ancient times. A bath and 2 rooms were built in 1896. Since 1957 the sanatorium works as children hospital.

The climate of resort is highland. A non - polluted air, ultraviolet rays create appropriate conditions for climate therapy. In the winter the temperature extends to - 17C, in the summer the temperature is + 20-25C. The general curative factor is mineral water: nitrogen thermal water (till 60C), sulfate-chloride-sodium water with weak mineralization, consists of silicon acidy, fluorine, free sulfur-hydrogen and small quantity of radon.

The sanatorium takes in some patients with child cerebral paralysis, consequences of meningitis, myelitis, poliomyelitis , neuritis, cranium-brain traumas, skin ailments, supporting - motion system and etc.

In the summer time there are 3 pavilions, in the winter - 1. The capacity is 250 positions. The term of treatment for mothers with children from 1 to 3 years old is 45 days, children from 4 to 14 years old 60 days.

In the 3 story building there are massage and procedure room, sport hall, physiotherapy room, bath department, swimming pool, playing rooms, chambers, kitchen, library, school.

The bathes, curative exercises, mechanic therapy, massage and etc. are applied for treatment.

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