Cholpon-Ata. Sanatorium (a state-run residences 2)

It is located in Cholpon-Ata town. It was opened in 1962 and works all year. There are 106 comfortable rooms in the 15 pavilions, equipped with elegant and comfortable furniture, fridge, satellite television, hot water, banquet hall, kitchen. There is a big dinning hall, classy restaurant, comfortable bar, shut swimming pool, sauna, tennis court, billiards, basketball and volleyball courts.

Indications for treatment: some diseases of heart-vessel and nerve system, organs of ear, nose and throat, disturbance of metabolism, endocrine and bone - muscle system.

There is curative hospital and policlinic with some parlours of massage, acupuncture, gynecology, curative exercise, baths, sauna, swimming pool.

The patients with diseases of breath system, heart-vessel system, gynecological problems can be treated successfully. The treatment by walking on the open air and swimming in the lake in the early morning at dawn can normalize the action of nerve and heart-vessel systems, lung disorder better than whatever doctor can do. The curative action of natural factors can be added by massage: hydro-massage, manual, mechanic, subsurface shower, hyrdropation. The supporting - motional system can be treated baths with mineral water.

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