Chon-Tuz - speleological sanatorium

Chon-Tuz - speleological sanatorium. Speleological curative hospital is located in the south - west of Kochkor district of Naryn province in the Chon-Tyz mine. Underground hospital takes one of several parts of mine ”Chon-Tuz”. Opened in 1980 and has a capacity for 120 posotions.

It is introduced with a horizontal gallery in the thickness of Kek-Too mountain, with length - 500 m, width - 5m, height - 3m. It is located at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level, a climate is mild continental.

It is equipped with some chambers for bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and some allergic ailments. The capacity of micro-crystals of salt in the air of underground hospital reaches 5-10 mg/m³, 75 % microcrystal have size to 5 mkm, due to this factor they are able to permeate the human bronchi and treat them. The ionization of the air is also high (there are ions from 4000-6000 to 11000 in 1 m³ of the air). At the same time an air contamination is low (in 1 m³ form 3 to 5 germs). The air ob speleological hospital is being self-purified and allergens of plants and insects are not able to come in.

The temperature in any year time is + 8-10°C. The atmosphere pressure is 600 mm, relative humidity is 45-65%.Chon-Tuz - speleological sanatorium.

In the mountains conditions the microclimate of salty mine has an favourable effect on the human organism.

The unique combination of these natural factors as high mountains and elevated concentration of air-ions in the speleological mines give forceful impulse for complicated compensated mechanism. In answer to high mounts oxygen starvation in the body the hypophysis - adrenal system activates and plays very important role in an adaptive process.

The increase of an ejection of glucocorticoids, which have vivid anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect, composes with the strengthening of a work of sympathicus-adrenal system. The activation of sympathicus - adrenal system affects bronchial asthma, as it is known, sympathomimetic amines relax the tone of bronchi, minify the edema of the mucosa. Due to this fact an attack of asphyxia can be stopped successfully.

While the fighting for oxygen, the hyper-aeration boosting, the blood circulation is quickening, increasing the sympathy between ventilation and perfusion, the diffusion of oxygen also enlarges because of  deepening of the capacity of some vessel channel in the lungs as a result of the blood centralization, changing of breath mechanism (due to minifying air density). At the same time the breathing capacity of blood is enhancing (the mass of circulating erythrocytes is increasing, the level of hemoglobin is elevating too). On the whole, the heightening of effectiveness of the gas-transport systems and improvement of the oxygen utilization in body’s tissues leads to diminishing of the oxygen lack, which is usually observed on bronchial asthma.

Chon-Tuz - speleological sanatorium. Small quantity of allergic products, dust contributes to a desensitization of the body of  the patients, suffering from bronchial asthma, a high range of  air ionizing, a large part of ultraviolet  insulation leads to the alteration of non - specific resistance. A normalization of psycho-emotional condition also has important meaning.

A curative natural salt Chon-Tuz was formed in the ancient Kochkor lake about 40 million years ago. The environment is penetrated by salt ions, which improve reological quality of bronchial mucus, contribute to the optimal function of lash epithelium, regulate mucus, improve a drainage function of breath system, has a curative effect on the patients. According to physio-chemical qualities, this salt action works in the hard reaching departments of respiratory tract. As a mean of rehydrotherapy, airions diminish the oedema of  bronchial mucosa and leads to relieving of a stagnation in the vessels. The ions have an germicidal effect on a microscopic flora of breathing system, contributes to a enhancing of their consuming ability, have appositive effect on local immune and metabolic process. As a result, the mechanism of breathing system purifying is stimulated very well.

Speleo-mines consist from salt (97 %), the floor is covered by milled salt (Kochkor salt has quality certificate). There is a high ionization of the air in the curatives rooms (4000-5000 light negative ions and 2200-3000 positive air-ions). Gamma background doesn’t  exceed  the level on the earth surface. The effectiveness of treatment of some atypical forms of bronchial asthma reaches 92%, in infection- dependent form-67-78 %. The stay of the patients with neurosis, neurotic disorders in the speleo-mines is very efficient on a plan of normalization of dream, diminishing of some temper, anxiety, worry.Chon-Tuz - speleological sanatorium.

The basic directions of center activity is the treatment and discharge of the patients with bronchial asthma, non-specific ailments of bronchial system, allergic problems (atypical dermatitis, periodic edema, hives), ailments of nerve system.

Contraindications for  the stay in the speleo-sanatorium: tuberculosis, undulant fever, nephritis, glomerulonephritis, cancer, rheumatics,  hypertension 2-3 stage, diabetes, cold allergy, varicose 2-3 stage, enuresis, claustrophobia, children younger than 5 and adults older than 65.

The patient should have before entering the resort: x- ray, blood test for the presence of syphilis (RW), a copy from an anamnesis, warm winter clothes.

It is forbidden to take some deodorants, perfume and cosmetics.

3 time eating, living, speleo-treatment, computer diagnosis are include into the cost of a 16 day pass to the sanatorium.

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