Issyk-Ata, sanatorium

Climatic-balneal resort. It’s situated in Issyk-Ata river gorge, in the north downhill of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too, at 77 Issyk-Ata, sanatorium. kilometers distant toward the south-east from Bishkek. At an altitude of 1775 meters above sea level. The slopes of nearest mountains are covered by alpine meadows, there are a lot of decorative and fruit trees there. The local people call this place Arashan.

It was built in 1891.Untill 1917 the resort was ruled by Jeti-Suukskyi department of Red Cross. Since 1931- it is under The Administration of resorts of Kyrgyz labor-union . There is a sanatorium for 400 people there. The patients are usually placed in 6 winter pavilions and one summer pavilion for 3-4 people each.

The climate is mountain, the summer is little cool, the winter is warm, the fall is fine and dry. There are some north-east winds there. The fall out are about 500 millimeters in year. The sun radiation is very strong. It gets cold in November. The average temperature in January is -6ºC. The spring usually comes at the end of March in this zone. This period can be characterized by falling some big quantity of precipitation. The summer season begins from June, the weather is not hot. The weather is moderate warm and sunny in June and August. The average temperature is +16ºC. There are a lot of days with sunny, moderate humid and humid weather at the beginning of the fall, increased nebulosity. The average year humidity is 53%. Such climate condition contributes to the success treatment of the patients.

The treatment can be provided all year. The number of sun radiance is 1800 per year. The air bathes are wide used.

The most cardinal method of treatment is thermal mineral waters, being brought up to a new medicative pavilion. TheIssyk-Ata, sanatorium. daily yield of these waters is 2200 m³. The temperature is 48-55ºC. The mineral waters are colorless, alkaline, nitric weakly mineralized (0,23-0,30 g/l ), with high content of silicic acidy (40-50 mg/l). According to ionic content they are sulfate, chloride, hydrocarbon, natrium waters with high content of fluoride. They are used for internal and external purposes. There is also some turf mud from Kamyshanovskoe field and used for treatment. The resort has electro-therapy, light –therapy, ultrasonic therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic physical exercises complex, massage, library, sport club, fields etc.

There is some treatment of bone-muscles ailments, gynecological cases, illnesses after Chernobyl irradiation.

There is a water specializing hospital for 200 baths, where there are mineral, carbonate, coniferous baths, mud treatment department for 20 couches. Some light therapy, paraffin, mud cutout, electrotype mud, clysters, therapeutic exercises, massage, shower massage, gynecological baths and watering. There is a cinema theatre, pool, solarium on the roof.

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