Blue Issyk-Kul , balneal-climate sanatorium

It is located on the resort territory of Cholpon-Ata city. It was opened in 1965 and works all year: in the summer the capacity is 1000 places, in the winter - 400 places. The patients are assigned rooms to well - equipped pavilions with 2 person rooms.
There is a therapy, neurological, gynecological departments.

Indications for the treatment:
The ailments of heart-vessel system (high blood pressure, ischemia)
The chronic lungs diseases non-tuberculosis character, including bronchial asthma
The chronic ailments of top breathing system
The chronic gynecological illnesses
The illnesses of supporting - motion system
Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, neuro-dermatitis)

Some air, sun baths, swimming, balneal and mud therapy, curative shower, gynecological watering, paraffin treatment, massage, electro and light treatment, ultrasonic therapy and etc is used for treatment.
There are some rooms of functional diagnosis and X-ray examination, curative exercise, clinical and bio-chemical labs, balneal-mud hospital.
There are also a cinema for 320 persons, musical salon, dance class, library, ferry terminal, sport lots, closed swimming pool.

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