JalalÓbad, balneal-mud and climatic sanatorium

It is located in JalalÓbad province, at a distance of 5 km JalalÓbad city, at an altitude 975 m above sea level. The capacity is 450 places in summer time and 150 - in the winter. It is accommodated in 3 pavilions and 4 not big houses for 2-3 people.

The climate is continental. The winter is mild. The average temperature in January is -2ºC. The summer is hot. The average temperature in July is +27ºC. The rainy weather in JuneľSeptember appears only for 4-5 days, the average humidity of the air is 34% the precipitation is about 500 mm per year. In April-March the precipitation is much out (141 mm), the average humidity of the air is 51-66%.

The most important curative natural factors are nor only mild climate but also mineral water, curative mud.

The first chemical water analysis was done in 1877 and at the same year the building of the first baths pavilions, hospital for military staff were started on a military-medical inspector insistence. The resort itself was built in 1900. In 1912 a local marketer Aiyp-Bulak built good-looking bath building above the well and it has been saved till our time. The recreational buildings were built in 1954-68 years.

The well ôKyz-Burakö is used for drinking needs, and the well ôJany-Burakö,öAk-Burakö. The composition of Jalal-Abad waters are: thermal, nitrogen, weak mineralized, chloride-hydro carbonate-sulfate, magnesium-calcium-sodium, weak-alkaline with a high content of silicon acidy (30-35 mg/l) and a lot of micro-elements.

The local turf and silt mud is used for the treatment. There is a water-mud curative hospital for 20 baths and 24 couches. The patients usually take mineral baths, curative shower, mud procedures. The curative swimming pool, diagnostic room and labs works all year. There is balneal-mud treatment, electro-light treatment, curative exercise, massage, climate therapy, curative feeding.

The patient is allocated in 3 pavilions and 4 houses. Every room is planned for 2-3 and 4 people.

There is a disco club, sport court, solarium, summer cinema.

Some indications for the treatment: ailments of digest system, gynecological, urinogenital, nerve, bone ľ muscle systems.

The term of treatment is 10-20 days.

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