Jyrgalan climatic-balneal resort

It is located in Tupskey district of Issyk-Kul realm, at 10 km distant to the north-east form Karakol town, at 380 km distant from Bishkek, on the left riverside of Jyrgalan river. It works all year and its capacity is for 160 positions.

In 1960 year while holing a chink for oil in the district of future resort, some thermal waters were run across and brought up to the surface. An inter - village sanatorium was installed in 1964. It has been ruled by Kyrgyz resort union since 1971 and rebuilt in 1981.

The climate is characterized by aridity and heavy sun radiation. The neighborhood of the lake gives to the climate some sea traits. The winter is moderate cold. The average January temperature is -5ºC. The summer is mild warm, the average July temperature is +18ºC. The year sum of precipitation is 400 mm.

According to high altitude of its location (1600 m above sea level), the atmosphere pressure is lowered (619-650 mm. mercury pole)

The basic curative factor is the mineral waters, coming out from depth of 1,5 km with temperature + 40- 43ºC.

They are used for Baths, showers, gynecological treatment.

The curative mud is very effective. Their field is located in the district of Jyrgalan river mouth, at 2 km to the west from the resort. The mud have germicidal effect and used as cutouts, electrotype mud, tampons, pledgets (vaginal, rectal, gum )

The resort is recommended to patients with illnesses of bone - muscle system, nerve system and gynecological sphere. The term of treatment is 10-20 days. .

There is a cinema, library, ping-pong, sport field.

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