Kyrgyz beach, sanatorium

It is located at the north beach of Issyk-Kul lake. On the south-east outskirts of Bostery village. It was opened in 1984 and works all year.

“Kyrgyz beach”- a health centre with unique curative base and modern medical equipment, high qualified staff, comfortable accommodations. The patients are usually arranged in 6 story building with 2 person rooms and some pavilions for 500 positions class “lux”,” half-lux”, “flat”, 1person rooms and 2 person rooms. All room have a view of the lake and drinking water comes out of a deep-water slit.

Skilled cooks assure wonderful 3 time feeding in a comfortable restaurant. There is a “Cosmonaut Pavilion” for VIP visitors, who likes a maximum comfort.

There are some qualified medical specialists: therapist, cardiologist, gynecologist, proctologist, dentist, physiotherapist, neuro-pathologist, oculist, pediatrician in the curative hospital.

There are also a diagnostic lab, X-ray room, ultrasonic examination room, heart examination room, rectomanoscopy.

The curative procedures are done in next departments: hyrdro, bath, mud, physiotherapeutic, speleo, intestinal, dental, massage 9mechanical and manual), gynecological.

Some indications for the treatment: Allergy, illnesses of vegetative nerve system, vein system, gynecological sphere, stomach-intestine systems, skin , urinogenital system, supporting - motion system, breath system, blood circulation and heart-vessel systems, joints and jointed tissues, central and peripheral nerve system, metabolism.

There is a tenniss, volleyball, basketball, children courts, swimming pools (winter closed pool with hot water all year and with warmed lake water), gums (working out and gymnastic), library, concert hall for 500 positions, dance class, video hall, night club “Jamaica”, casino, billiard. Unique winter garden in the hall (with a lot of exotic plants from around the world). The room are equipped with elegant furniture, satellite TV, phone, fridge, hot and cold water.

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