Kyrgyzstan, cardiologycal sanatorium

It is located in Alamudun area of Chui district in Tash-Tebe village, at a distance 26 km to the south from Bishkek, at an altitude 1600 m above sea level. It was organized on a base of resort for some patients after heart-attack. And its capacity is 160 positions. It is situated in a pictorial area with a space 21hectares. It works all year.

The climate is mild, low atmosphere pressure, intensive sun radiation with considerable content of ultraviolet rays, elevated ionization of air.

The summer is mild warm, the average temperature in July is +20ºC, the winter is mild , the average temperature of January is -4-6 º C. The maximum precipitation falls out in the spring and at the beginning of the year. The yearly sum of precipitation reaches 550 mm. The average humidity is 55-60 %.

There is a curative - diagnostic base of sanatorium, room of functional diagnostic, with up-to date equipment, biochemical lab, physiotherapy department, massage and dental room in 2 story building.

There is a water curative hospital, curative exercise hall next to the diagnostic pavilion. There are some oxygen, carbonate, iodine-bromine and etc, baths, showers, warm treatment, (Kamyshanovsk mine ooze mud and paraffin), for the patients. There are 3 routes with a different range of difficulty and length around the pictorial area.

In a separated building there is a department for the treatment of some patients after heart attack with 2 position rooms, department of intensive therapy, with a modern equipment, procedure room, curative exercise hall, physiotherapy and massage rooms, club, cinema, library. Some patients with diseases of heart-vessel system and disease after a crash on the Chernobyl AES.

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