Water surfaces from the ground and then gets absorbed back into it. Each spring has its own name, specific taste and healing powers from various diseases. Salutary springs are very visible from afar because individual trees usually grow nearby.

1-st source - "Маnjyly-Atа". It treats blood diseases, cardiovascular system, breaks down and releases gall-stones from kidneys and liver, rejuvenates and extends life.
2-nd source - treats endocrine system.
3-rd source – “Ylym” means knowledge. It gives inspiration.
4-th source – “Bala” - means Child. Helps prevent infertility, well influences conception and childbirth.
5-th source - "Health".
6-th and 7-th sources – “Bugu Ene” - Mother deer. The 1-st source treats liver diseases and the 2-nd source treats eye diseases.
8-th source – “Aziz Bulagy” - the Spring of Snakes. Helps to get rid of diseases of nervous system, headaches. There is healing dirt nearby. It cures joint pain.
9-th source - "Family"- helps creation of a family and its well-being.
10-th source – cures stomach diseases.
11-th source – cures skin diseases.

Manjyly-Ata attracts attention of pilgrims and tourists with its properties of medical sources. Here it is possible to rent a room, where you will be looked after. Food is prepared using curative water taken from sources.

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