Tamga - climatic and mud sanatorium of Defense Ministry

It is located in Jety-Oguz region of Issyk-Kul area. In 330 km distant to the south-east form Bishkek, in 75 km distantTamga - climatic and mud sanatorium of Defense Ministry. from Karakol, in 39 km distant form village Kyzyl-Suu, in 148 km distant form train station in town Balykchy. It is located at an altitude of 1648m above sea level.

The climate is moderate-continental. The winter is mild, the average temperature is 2ºC. The summer is warm: the average temperature in July is +18ºC. The precipitation is in a quantity of 250 mm in year, usually come down in May-July. The number of sun radiance hours is 2800 hours in year. The average yearly humidity is 58%.

Side by side with climate, the basic curative factor is sulphide oozes. The ooze fields are located in 8 km distant to the west from Tamga village and at the beach of Ak-Chey bay of Issyk-Kul lake (the storage is 40,9 thousand tons). There is mud treatment, climate one (sun and air baths), talassotherapy (lake baths), water and electro treatment, curative gymnastic, massage and etc.

In 1928, a place was chosen in Tamga, where construction of a military sanatorium began. In 1932, a Holiday House of Central Asian Military District was founded there. The opening was held on 20 May. The Holiday House was expanded and built until 1941. Since the beginning of the war, wounded officers were sent to the Holiday House for the follow-up care. In 1942, the Holiday House was transformed into the Issyk-Kul military sanatorium. After the war, Japanese captives worked at the construction site of the expanding health resort. In particular, they built a ladder with 125-Tee steps to walk to the beach. Many of the Soviet astronauts holidayed here after their spaceflight, as well as all the generals of the Soviet Army. Currently this health resort belongs to the Ministry of Defence of Kyrgyzstan. Anyone can come here for a holiday.

There is a park around this sanatorium, which is replete with diversity of trees and bushes. There is a small zoo with pheasants, roes, partridges. There is a row of terrenkur to the lake. There is a curative beach, ferry terminal with boats. Next to terminal there is a tourist base for 360 positions.

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