Teplye Kluchi ľ recreation-curative centre in Alamedin gorge

Teplye Kluchi is located in a pictorial rock gorge along Alamedin river at an altitude of 2015 meters above sea level in a distance of 27Teplye Kluchi■ ╩ecreation-curative centre in Alamedin gorge. kilometers from city Bishkek. There is an asphalt road, which leads to this complex.
Teplye Kluchi is installed on the base of the nature self-appearing thermal wellspring of mineral water, coming out from rock bowels in a temperature +56º C. The mineral water of this wellspring has wide scale of useful balneal qualities. There are some salts of magnesium, iron, fluorine, calcium, silicon acidy. This water cures some illnesses of supporting-motion system, radiculitis, osteochondrous inflammation, distal nerve system, used as ordinary water.
Sanitarium-complex has wide scale of opportunities on using medicative qualities of thermal mineral water. Curative pavilion of complex is equipped by physio-medicative apparatuses, swimming pool (25 meters), filled with mineral water, bath rooms, mud bathes, fitness club. There is a lot of high qualified medicine staff.
After being examined, people usually get some treatment according a prescription.
It is recommended to take mineral bathes and swim in the pool while suffering sleep deprivation and nerve system ailments. Provided Teplye Kluchi■ ╩ecreation-curative centre in Alamedin gorge. people have osteohondrous inflammation and radiculitis - they are recommended to take paraffin and mud treatment. The treatment of reproductive woman system are being done also successfully on the base of the mineral water .The mineral water contributes to a clarifying of the human body, especially to a liver and a gallbladder.
Living cottages are situated in the natural rock condition, in the zone of Alamedin river watercourse, originating from the tops of the mountains, surrounding it. The noise of the river, spruce forest with an unrepeatable sylvan flavour, the cleanest mountain air, the view of the astonishing breathtaking mountain tops establish unique auspicious condition fro treatment and good buoyant temper.

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