T-1. Botanical tour.
Itinerary: Bishkek - Chon Kemin - Cholpon-Ata - Bishkek
Duration: 11 days
Best season: June - September
Accommodation: hotels, tents
Tour grade: moderate

The variety and originality of the Flora of Kyrgyzstan is based on the variety of natural conditions, difference of the formation of the ground surface of Tian-Shan. There are many species of the greenery growing in the north of the world (Canadian spruce, suckle and juniper from Cenral Asia).
Natural variety of the plans in Kyrgzstan is defined by fats change mountain zones. During the whole tour you can watch the change of the in plants and soil, beginning with the dry zone as far as glaciers zone. Long time ago there were a small lake in Chon-Kemin valley where our rout passes.
During the whole length of the hike you will pass two valleys, two mountain rivers as well as one of the biggest mountain chains of the North Tian-Shan and finally the mountain lake Issyk-Kul will be waiting for you.
The itenerary goes through the kingdom of the plants in various forms. Animal world is more various in this area:marmots and hares and mountain goats in the glacious zone. It will be interesting for those who is fond of herbs as all the grass and plants there has a healing effect (more than 60 species).

Day 1
Arrival to Bishkek by plane.
Accommodation if the hotel.
View excursion around the city with a visit to the Botanical garden.
Day 2
Move to the village of Shabdan.
Radial excursion to the valley of the river Kemin.
Acquantences with the flora of the north Tian-Shan.
Stay in the tents (1700 m ).
Day 3-6
Move to the glacies zone along the river Kemin, watching the changes of the plants. You can see different spices of bushes on the way, such as sweetbrier, suckle, barberries, meadow sweet. Which give way to the spruce forest with juniper, birth trees and pock.You can see Trollius (latin), Primulos and Aconitumus in the subalpien meadows zone.
Sleep on the tents.
Day 7-8
Cross via the pass 4200 m, with the pick covered with a small glacier. The Southen side of Kungei Ala-Too is characterized by a dry climate. High mountain steppes in the Southen side are covered with first flowers, edelveis, forget-me-not, poppies and so on.
The panorama at Issyk-Kul lake is open from that pick, which is the second mountain lake in the square after the lake Titikaka. In the South America. Rest at the beach of the Issyk-Kul lake. Accommodation the rest house in Cholpon-Ata.
Issyk-Kul lake
Day 9-10
Rest. Bathing in the Issyk-Kul. Boating. Excursions.
Day 11
Return to Bishkek.
Accommodation in the hotel.
Day 12
Coming back home.

Level of difficulty. This tour can be recommended for the people who are able to make long walks and passes for 5-7 hours a day..
Reference. You must take warm clothes , hiking boots, raincoat, sunprotective cream, a hat from the sun, sleeping suck.

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