T-14. On mountain lake in Kyrgyzstan
Itinerary: Bishkek - Kol-Tor - Kochkor - Son-Kul - Kyzyl-Oi - Kara-Kamysh - Kara-Suu - Sary-Chelek - Bishkek
Duration: 10 days
Best season: June-September
Accommodation: hotel, guest house, tent, yurt
Tour grade: moderate

Day 1
Meeting at the airport Manas.
Transfer to the gorge Kol-Tor (1807 m).
Lunch Time. Walk on the ground.
Dinner and overnight at the guest house.

gorge Kol-Tor
Day 2
Access to the mountain lake Kol-Tor (2720 m).
Lunch or lunch box.
Transfer to Kochkor (1800 m).
Dinner and overnight at the guest house.

lake Kol-Tor
Day 3
Transfer to the lake Son-Kul (3016 m) through Kalmak-Ashuu (3446 m).
Lunch in the yurt Baatai-Aral. Free time.
Dinner and overnight in the tent.

lake Son-Kul
Day 4
Breakfast. Trek to yurt camp Kilemche (2500 m). Go through the pass-Jalgyz Karagai (3200 m).
Lunch at the Jaman-Echki (3100 m).
Dinner and overnight in Kilemche.

Day 5
Breakfast. Track to pass Kyzart (2664 m).
Lunch in the village Kyzart.
Transfer to the village of Kyzyl-Oi.
Dinner and overnight at the guest house.

Day 6
Breakfast. Transfer to the village of Kara-Kamysh along the river Kokomeren, through the valley Suusamyr.
Lunch at the cafe in the gorge Chychkan continue to Kara-Kamysh.
Overnight and dinner at the guest house.

river Kokomeren
Day 7
Breakfast. Exit Lake Kara-Suu (1800 m).
Lunch or lunch box on the way.
Dinner and overnight in a tent on the shore of Lake Kara-Suu.

Lake Kara-Suu
Day 8
Go through the pass Kotormo (2400 m) in the Sary-Chelek Reserve.
Lunch box or lunch at the pass.
Dinner and overnight in a tent by the lake Iyri Kol (1947 m).

Sary-Chelek Reserve
Day 9
Track to Lake Sary-Chelek (1878 m).
Lunch at the lake. Free time. Possibly riding on a motor boat on the lake.
Dinner and overnight in the tent.

Lake Sary-Chelek
Day 10
Early breakfast.
Transfer to Bishkek (550 km).
Lunch on the way to the cafe.
Accommodation in a hotel in Bishkek.

Day 11
Transfer to the airport and departure home.

Level of difficulty. This tour is oriented on the people with a good level of training, because long tours for 5-7 hours a day are planned and you have to have an experience of climbing the glaciers.
Conditions.You must have warm clothes, comfortable walking shoes, jacket for the rain, sun protective cream, a hat for the sun and sleeping bed.
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Lake Son-Kul